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YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

About YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

There are a number of reasons why people would need to download a thumbnail from Youtube. The most common reason is if you are planning to use a Youtube video as a thumbnail for a blog post or for a sales page for example. If you are running a blog, it is very important that the thumbnail of your YouTube video is the right fit. The wrong thumbnail can make people click away from the video or even worse, they might not click at all. A good thumbnail is all about catching a viewer's attention, but it also has to be relevant.

You can easily download Youtube Thumbnail In one click with this online Free downloader. This handy tool is very efficient, it quickly extract YouTube video image or thumbnail image from the video url, and it also gives you the option to download thumbnails in various size and resolution.

How to Download YouTube Video Thumbnail?

Add video url
Copy / Paste Video URL
Enter the video URL in the blank box provided.

Add video url
Press The "Get Thumbnail Image" button
After adding the correct vedio link click on the Get Thumbnail Image button, It will automatically extract the image for you.

Add video url
Download Your Image
Now you have access to the thumbnail you are searching, it will give you multiple options, you can download any of them or all of them according to your preference

YouTube Video Thumbnail Downloader:

YouTube thumbnails are a very important part of a video marketing. People, in general, spend 2 to 8 seconds to make a decision, whether they want to watch the video or not. So, a video thumbnail is an image which appears before the video starts playing and it must be intriguing which makes the viewer to click on it and watch the video.